Dehumidifiers Review

If you suffer from moldy walls or breathing difficulties from overly humid air, then you need to consider getting a dehumidifier. Whether you’re worried about clothes and family heirlooms being damaged by mildew or electronics shorting from the presence of water buildup, you need a dehumidifier. The recommended humidity level for a home is between 30 and 50 percent, and any amount above that is detrimental to you and your home. Whether it’s for a small closet or an entire house, there will be a device suited to your needs.

Dehumidifiers: What to Look For

Dehumidifiers are designed with one main purpose in mind: removing water from the air. However, each device has different features, strengths and levels of effectiveness. Keep the following criteria in mind as you select the best dehumidifier for your situation.

Humidifiers come with many different features from fans to removable buckets for water removal. One key feature you’ll want to have on a humidifier is a humidistat. This feature allows you to monitor the humidity level of the room and set a desired level, which controls when the humidifier will automatically turn on and off. The added features included on a dehumidifier will also influence its functionality in removing moisture from a room.

Do you need to dehumidify your entire home or just a single room? The area you want to extract moisture from largely determines the type of dehumidifier ideal to solving your problem. Smaller devices are better suited for smaller rooms, whereas larger devices can extract moisture from entire floors of a house.

How well and quickly a dehumidifier removes excess moisture defines its efficiency, and the size of the device is not the only thing that matters. Compact dehumidifiers can be as energy efficient as a larger machine. So whether you need a workhorse that handles a whole floor or a small device for a cupboard or closet, choose one that conserves energy while it clears the air.

Controlling humidity levels has many benefits. Whereas dry air causes dry, uncomfortable skin, moist air can damage not only your health, but also your home. Getting a dehumidifier limits that level of damage and increases the livability of your home or workplace.

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